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    Level 23

    It’s true, an unprotected PC, when connected to the Internet, gets infected within minutes by malware. So before you do any serious browsing, you need to reinforce your defenses, and the best way to do that is by picking up today’s discount software promotion, Wise Anti Malware!

    Wise Anti Malware safeguards your PC in real time against viruses, malware, adware, ransomware, and even phishing attempts. With Wise Anti Malware, you’ll benefit from three shields in the form of Malware Detection, Adware Detection, and Registry Protection, which protects against programs adding unwanted startup items to your system.

    How is Wise Anti Malware so effective? The program uses a comprehensive virus database that contains definitions covering all of the threats that you can face. Besides actually evil applications, Wise Anti Malware also can put a stop to ad-driven interruptions, as well as improve system performance through the removal of junk files, cookies, and more!

    After you purchase Wise Anti Malware, it may be used for 12 months.

    The Promo: Wise Anti Malware - Antivirus Software - 100% off for PC

    Serious Noize

    Level 5
    Thank you Cyber Tech for the information on the offer.

    I give this Wise Anti Malware Pro a try. While I have recently chosen Wise Disk Cleaner "FREE" over CCleaner because of various issues. I thought giving this software considering a lot of the replies said things like : "It uses the AVIRA ENGINE", or that is implying that it's a re-branded AVIRA version.

    To make a long story short, where my experience using this activated software license goes.

    First thing : It seemed to work fine along side Windows Defender, and I am using Windows 10 with the latest 1803 update.

    But I decided to disabled Windows Defender completely and only have this Wise Antimalware Pro WITH REAL TIME turned on to check it out.
    My experience was, I downloaded the EICAR test file, and it found absolutely NOTHING. I mean Windows Defender finds that on download. So that's not good for me.

    While I must say, the Wise Disk Cleaner is EXCELLENT! It's a better alternative to CCLEANER! I don't like AVAST : "Which I think should rename it's name to AVADWARE!". I want my SOFTWARE TO do what I want it to, NOT HAVE SOFTWARE LET SOMEONE ELSES Opinions tell me what I need.

    Either way, It was a big FAIL with this Avira KNOCK off version "As so it proclaims by saying AVIRA ENGINE".

    Keep in mind, I have recently warmed up to Wise products, so I am not knocking them. I'm simply saying that this Antivirus software is not good enough to detect the most basic of virus test at this time. So I would not recommend it. And while some of you might say : "Well who cares what you think, we don't know you!". Well, I will say to that : "Because I am just like you, trying out an opportunity to see if it is a better one than I have already". Freebies are always a good allure to get inside your system. The saddest part of it all, WE ARE ALL AT THE MERCY OF MICROSOFT using Windows.

    That being said, If you think being smug and using a MAC or LINUX you are any better off, honestly you are WORSE off because you don't have a collective group of people like you do on Windows questioning issues with various things, So there is a kind of check point on various things, and a DO A SEARCH ENGINE for what is on your mind kind of thing going on.

    All that being said. I Like the Wise brand. Their Ads in their free versions of their software "While you run their software is where they are shown" are small and not really that noticeable at all. That's a big plus for me. Because, the problem I have with CCleaner is that it wants to hide in the background as of now, meaning dropping background ads wanting you to UPGRADE.

    My Point : "Wise puts their ads up front WHEN YOU RUN THE SOFTWARE, and the software WORKS without having to click here and there to have it scheduled", no BUY PLUS TO SCHEDULE OR MONITOR CRAP like CCLEANER.

    Those are my thoughts on this offering and this company. While I have warmed up to Wise Products. This Antivirus is NOT ENOUGH TO PROTECT YOUR SYSTEM in my OPINION. But as I said, they offer a varied different products that work better than a lot out there for free on the internet.

    Just my opinions. Thank you CyberTech for this offering. While my opinions might reflect that I did not feel it was a great or useful Anti-Virus software, I do appreciate people like you taking the ti me to inform me and others of such offerings like this to try out.

    Thanks agian!


    Level 6
    @Serious Noize Solid and impartial review/rant of the software. Some questionable views regarding Avast/CCleaner, but I digress. I didn't expect this product to be airtight on its own, but I can see it being decent supplementary software alongside other on-demand scanners. Wise has been solidifying the quality of their products with the success of WDC, but malware scanning is a whole different area that takes a long time to perfect (looking at you, Zemana). Thanks for the share, @CyberTech.