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How to get a license
Free Wise Care 365 PRO license
Download Wise Care 365 PRO version and install, activate the free license automatically:

Download Wise Care 365 PRO

[URL unfurl="true"]https://tunecom.ru/uploads/files/2019-11/WiseCare365.exe[/URL]

Supported operating systems: Windows 11 / 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP 32 or 64-bit

Features of the free Wise Care 365 PRO license
Lifetime official license for one personal computer.
There is no possibility of free upgrade to new versions.
There is no free technical support.
For personal use only.

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Apr 13, 2014
Free Wise Care 365 PRO license. The comprehensive utility allows you to ensure effective optimization of the Windows system. The tool will clear the browsing history and delete unnecessary files, perform comprehensive maintenance, adjust performance parameters and speed up the computer.
Wise Care 365 PRO uses the most advanced technologies to comprehensively optimize and improve computer performance, defragment disks and registry of the Windows operating system. Cleaning up unnecessary files that take up space. As well as the management of startup processes and services, so your computer will work faster and much more stable.

The free version of Wise Care 365 PRO will help you erase all traces of computer operations, such as history of viewing and accessing files, completely delete data, without the possibility of recovery, so that your information remains confidential.

Features of the Wise Care 365 PRO comprehensive optimizer
Optimization and acceleration of a Windows-based personal computer.
Detailed information about installed computer devices.
Freeing up even more disk space.
Deep cleaning of user data history.
Ability to back up and roll back changes.
Automatic cleaning of the system in quiet mode.
Improving the stability of the computer.
Cleaning the system registry and size compression.
Integration into the Explorer context menu.
Control of auto startup and Windows services.
A lot more skins and beautiful themes.
Defragmentation of hard drives and system partitions.
Reliable protection of your privacy by clearing your activity history.
Safe password generator (up to 30 characters, numbers, lower and upper case letters).

Wise Care 365 PRO protects your computer's privacy from unauthorized users. The Privacy Eraser tool erases all traces of Windows operations, such as browsing history and files accessed, so any operation performed on the computer remains confidential. Disk Eraser prevents third parties from receiving deleted data, and Disk Shredder allows you to completely delete files without the possibility of recovery.

Use the protective properties of Wise Care 365 PRO if malicious programs try to make changes without your knowledge. The utility protector will detect and stop any processes that try to secretly change the Windows registry.

Do not allow programs to change the Internet browser home page.
Prevent unwanted applications from being added to the Windows-based computer startup.
Prevent default browser changes.

Clear temporary Windows files and browser cache (Internet Explorer, Chrome-based Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari and other Internet browsers), Download history, web browsing, cookies and passwords. In addition, Wise Care 365 can delete invalid shortcuts, traces of recent use, useless files created by other applications.

The Process Monitor module displays a list of all processes performed by the user and the system, you can complete any process that you do not need to make the work of your personal computer smoother and more responsive. The hardware overview provides detailed information about all the most important hardware components, allowing you to immediately learn about the components of the computer.

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