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Last special sample posted by @Der.Reisende yesterday:



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I did some speed tests and perhaps someone could comment if they see the same behaviour.
On my machine running Norton Security + Cylance the default start time for Google Chrome is less than 0.2 seconds.
Adding StopX instead of Cylance raises the startup time to 0.8 up to 1S. so this is an increase by factor 4 or 5.
There is also a massive increase when starting up other apps independent if I start them the 1st, 2nd or whatever time.
For Chrome I took the average of 100 executions.


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No, Norton + Cylance or WV, test scenario, but it is more about the delay than protection....
WV will certainly increase startup time compare to cylance because of how they work
WV scans and monitors everything as soon as something is executed
cylance is unique. It only scans something a few seconds after they are executed and it only scans a few specific extensions + it ignores all scripts => this creates a perception of cylance being light
cylance almost doesn't have any behavioral blocker module

WV is just a lot more advanced and efficient
when you combine Norton + WV, a file has to go through 2 signature modules and 2 BBs => slower