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Dec 31, 1969
Windows Edition
with
Primary user
OS updates
Check for updates (manual)
Windows UAC
Notify me only when programs try to make changes to my computer
Always-on protection
Windows Defender
Microsoft Defender Firewall (Windows 11 & 10)
Malware testing
No malware samples
Periodic scanning
Zemana Antimalware Portable Free
Comodo Cleaning Essentials
Process Explorer
Browsers and Extensions
Internet Explorer
Google Chrome 64 Bits Default Browser
Firefox Portable
Vivaldi Standalone 64 Bits
Utilities for Maintenance
Windows 10 Inbuilt
Files & Photos backup
Files & Photos backup routine
Emergency recovery plan
Veeam Endpoint Backup
(Currently Backup on Another Partition Only)
Integrity of recovery plan


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Jan 8, 2011
You can update Adobe Reader XI (v11) to their new Adobe Acrobat Reader DC. An over the top installation can be performed with no issues.

If you get it from Adobe, uncheck Google Chrome and Toolbar before the download.

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Trying DC.
How to remove the right side panel permanently?
Preferences - General - Messages from Adobe - 2 options are there. 1st option is selected by default. Should I uncheck the 1st option? Should I check the 2nd option?

DC feels bloated. All those paid features, side panel, enable mobile link popup, etc...

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Uninstalled Bitdefender Free & installed Comodo Internet Security.
Uninstalled Google Chrome & installed Comodo Dragon.
Uninstalled Rollback Home Edition Free.

First post updated.
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Chromodo is the default in CIS installer, why did you go for Dragon?
I like the light colour GUI of Dragon plus it feels Comodo. Chromodo feels Chrome.

Yeah, Chromodo is default in CIS. And Chromodo installed, in Virtual Desktop Tablet Mode on the top right corner you get that green arrow that flips VD desktop. I have no use of that flip plus dont like it. With Dragon installed, you get Tablet Mode but not the flip & that I like.

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As you see my realtime protection is CIS & uBlock on browsers.
Should I add Zemana AntiLogger Free?
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Jun 14, 2015
Heavens no. If you got a keylogger then your AV failed and your HIPS failed and your BB failed. If you think those aren't going to do the job, then get a [free] product that will.

The industry uses FUD to capitalise on the many Anti-This, Anti-That garbage.

If you do sketchy activities (test malware, etc.), then use a full virtual machine as fodder (VirtualBox, easy, free, robust), not a sandbox on your production PC.

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Uninstalled Avast AV Pro & Installed Comodo FW.
Comodo Firewall - Internet Security Config (Default Settings)
FW Option - "Dont Show Popups" - Unchecked

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So you have no real-time AV now?
I had installed CIS suite. I had CAV offline database file. Imported the databases & was successful. About screen showed the databases. Checked updates for incremental databases but it started downloading the full databases.

The offline databases I had was 15-20 days old. Guess the databases expires after some days.

With Add/Remove... removed CAV.

CFW has Cloud for malware detection & works fine. For now I will go with Cloud... no CAV or other AVs.

I am going to install Win 10 as soon as I get it. Then I will look into security software & decide to go with.
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