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I think Vlc media player does not work for all formats. I want to play some video files stored in my laptop but Vlc play only its audio.
You could make a poll for this thread.

My opinion is that VLC is the best for 2015.
VLC, in my opinion, is the best media player of 2015. :p

I believe the second best media player would be Daum PotPlayer.

You guys should also check out VLC for Android - it's beautiful and it rocks! :D

I guess VLC media player does not play all media files. Once i want to play a video file with vlc but vlc play only its audio then KMplayer help me to play that video file.
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best player not exists, exists only best FILTRES+RENDERER:
MPCHC+LAV FILTERS+MADVR+RECLOCK .... this is best for HD Fanatic
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