Battle Your Favorite Browser? [Nomination round]

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Jul 2, 2014
So in this thread we will try to find out the favorite browser of Malwaretip's users.

First we will have the Nomination round, and then the Poll round for the 7 most nominated ones.

You get to choose at most 2 browsers and they will be counted as separate votes.

Last date to vote will be 22nd November 2019 before the poll phase begins.

NOMINATION (Votes) - Until this post edit time expires (DeepWeb)

Mozilla Firefox (23)
Chromium Edge (14)
Google Chrome (10)
Brave (7)
Opera (4)
Yandex (3)
Vivaldi (2)
Slimjet (2)
Cent (1)
Epic (1)
360 Safe (1)
Edge (1)
Netscape (1)​
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