Your Favorite Browser?

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List of apps to compare
Brave browser vs Chromium Edge vs Google Chrome vs Mozilla Firefox vs Opera browser vs Yandex browser vs Vivaldi browser
What I am most interested about
Learning curve (Ease of Use)
Graphical User Interface
Exclusive Features & Functionality
Why I want to compare these apps
Poll round for MT's favorite browser


Level 29
I am using Google Chrome on W10 and Chromium on Linux, the privacy thing has no care for me, you can't do much in one way or another spy in the same way. If it doesn't spy on you Google spies on you M $ and if it's not your IPS, etc.


Level 15
I have to say, it's a very difficult choice.
I'm a big Opera fan, but due to their stubbornness not to improve the built-in adblocker, the questionable VPN and the lack of My Flow in the regular mobile version (?!) I've been slowly ditching it.
Firefox is that browser you want to love, but end up giving up - I dislike the battery drain on desktop and the painful mobile version (preview is faster, but lacks proper adblocking).
Chrome is just Chrome. The lack of adblocking in the mobile version is a big enough reason not to use it, not to mention the privacy concerns.
Chromium Edge is just a fast reliable browser with less Google clutter. No standout features, but I really enjoy the smooth scrolling and the back gesture inspired in the old Edge. The tracking protection seems to be inspired in the Firefox one (is it using Disconnect lists too?).
At the end, my current favorite has to be Chromium Edge.