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why does one of Zemana 's driver cause BSODs at the end of deep scan . I have tested this on various version of Windows OS . Zemana should fix this as quickly as possible because it is probably the best secondary scanner


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Never had a problem with Zemana although I've had a problem where when a scanner was done, it crashed. This happened with EEK. I do believe it was the system itself, not the program. Unfortunately it has only happened once so it's not fresh in my mind as to what I did to fix it.


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One thing though, just uncheck scheduled scanning at startup in the settings if you have premium, it can cause conflicts.
I use Zemana AntiMalware Premium with the startup scan, what kind of conflicts? I haven't experienced any issues so far.

@scoob95 I will perform a Deep Scan and report back.
Windows 10 64-bit (Windows Defender and Zemana AntiMalware Premium), with no other security software running in real-time.
Edit: And could you tell us more about the systems with BSOD, what version of ZAM, other security installed?
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Likely an isolated issue, the dump will be save on your system32 directory which better not to delete it but rather keep and upload to them for investigation.

Does happened frequently the time you perform Deep Scan?


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I just had bsod problems with ZAM on my laptop running vista. Have been using ZAM for about a year without problems then all of a sudden got bsod showing zamguard32.sys as the cause. Wasn't running any scans, ZAM real time protection was just running. I've seen a few other posts elsewhere of people getting bsod from ZAM. Haven't looked into my problem but did remove/uninstall ZAM with revo uninstaller and not having any problems now.... Have downloaded ZAM again and will probably try using it again as I do like the program a lot.