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Hello @Stas
Where did you read that it is still a beta ?


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Hello, I am new here an want to join beta program so I can replace my Keyscrambler but the page does not say beta. I do not see anywhere I can click to join and then get beta license..? Is it still okay..the link?

Ray Redbad

thanks stas
is ZAL good?
ZAL 1.9 was always a stand-alone no-network program.

It's Intelliguard cloud (leveraging the VirusTotal API) is to judge for automatic allow/block decisions if so configured. Otherwise to populate allow/block alerts with more relevant data. Intelliguard is and was always an option; if disabled, no automatics and you get generic allow/block alerts for the anti-loggers or System Defense.

I'm still running it on two Windows 7 systems and Intelliguard is still active as evidenced by occasional antilogger.exe connectivity with an amazon cloudapp server.

The threats.zdb file (for local threat look-up prior to hitting the cloud) continues to be updated several times a day from dl9 dot zemana dot com.

So, for 8.1 and down, 1.9 will continue to provide its core protection.

For those not wanting to run the network enslaved "ZAM Plus" (me), it's perfect.

And the just published MRG Effitas Online Banking Certification Q2 2016 Report presents that doesn't need any improvement.

Which is not to say I wouldn't buy a ZAL2-less-ZAM. But Zemana decided otherwise.

Next year when my ZAL-1.9 licenses expire, if I can't renew, it's Spy Shelter.
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Using SpywareShelter's Anti-Test tool, ZAL Beta blocks execution of the tool & quarantines it. ZAL is passing the Keylogging and webcam tests, but FAILS screen capture, clipboard, sound and system tests. No improvement in this update :(

Anyone have an idea of what the timeline is for the rest of the Anti-logging functionality to return to ZAL?
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So is ZAL 2 stable version now?

I am trying it And guess anti-logging capabilities are now keystroke encryption only, right?

And I think ZAM is a better name than ZAL for this version.
ZAM kinda gives impression of any/all protection features/capabilities provided by Zemana And ZAL kinda gives impression of specific protection features/capabilities like anti-logging.

And I think there should be an option to register Zemana in Windows Security Center to disable Windows Defender. Some users may prefer to use Zemana alone or along with anti-executable, etc...
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