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Unfortunately, ZAL installation under Shadow Defender is failed with system crash and forced shutdown.
So I followed your suggestion: uninstalled ZAM, deleted the remaining folders and installed ZAL.
Everything is good now :)


Ray Redbad

whenever I choose to run ZAM, ZAL starts up. I've also noticed that both programs are using the same exe name; ZAM.exe.
Yes. That's exactly how it works. A Wilders member reported the same thing.

And another commented that ZAL is "ZAM Plus" and the previous Pro v1.9 a "completely different animal." I would agree.

There was an amusing reference to ZAMAL or ZALAM for the acronym...


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Tested Zemana AL 2.0 unlicensed and like I thought can't do free malware scan and clean so whoever miss lifetime license giveaway will still need Zemana AM to do on-demand malware scan and clean. Activated & tested with Zemana's own Key-Logger ScreenLogger WebcamLogger ClipBoardLogger test programs all failed. I'll stick with ZAM & ZAL v1.9.3 until i see improvements.
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ZAM , ZAL ????

IMO they REALLY should have looked at naming these products more carefully.

There's much confusion on this forum and elsewhere , especially with the release of Zemana AL 2.0


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I bought a ZAM 2 year licence a few weeks back then just after bought ZAL 1.x - So was a bit miffed when it became obvious that they had merged? I contacted support & they gave me an extra year or so on my ZAL licence which was decent of them. Since then of course there has been the free lifetime licenses available which I have obtained. One thing about Zamada is the amazing speed of their support, best I've ever used, & I love ZAL. They do need to make it clear on the main site what is happening though & if the ZAL/ZAM merger is a permanent feature folk need to know?


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Looks nice them merging them zam and zal together, hope we can get some more advanced settings later on as antilogger had them. Just have the same issue with zal failing its own test and spyshelter tests needs improvements still as when i tried it a year ago it failed then to.


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I try Zemana with the SpyShelter anti test (a keylogger tool). Zemana detected the "virus" but after allow it, the only good thing is that keystroke were encrypted, but in Screen capturing test, Clipboard capturing test, System protection test (registry changes) Zemana didnt do anything (Sound and webcam i couldnt test it). In their page if u go to Zemana anti logger it says it protect all the things i try before, but in this beta program it doesnt.
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