Level 1
It may work on more than one, but I think it wise to register that PC as well and do a fresh key and download.
The keys are meant for one PC there is a good chance that using a key on multiple devices will get it blacklisted.
If you need proof please email Zemana Support so you know I am not guessing on this one.

Okay, thank you very much

I appreciate the info

Terry Ganzi

Level 24
What i can't understand is all the complaints about a program that isn't 2 months old and is in much need of work. Next why will people want to run both it is be on me, when 1 is an Anti-Malware & the other is Anti-Malware Plus Anti-Keylogger, the crazy questions and responses got me.
People want what they want with speed not taking in to consideration that good results in products takes time on the other side.
Some complains are warranted but others are of plain haste,give the people time before acting up that is the proper and just thing to do.
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