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I hope, there will an unsigned portable version as well to remove persistent malware, blocked AVs based on the name and the certificate.


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In the beta version of version 3 there exist a kernel driver amdrv.sys that contiunues tracking after unistall. This driver now will be removed properly?
Hello, yes, it will be removed. Even now we delete it, you could need to restart your computer to remove it based on your permissions.
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This is just quality of life suggestion , but im using chrome flag:

Block unsafe downloads over insecure connections

Disallows downloads of unsafe files (files that can potentially execute code), where the final download origin or any origin in the redirect chain is insecure. – Mac, Windows, Linux, Chrome OS, Android

wich wont allow me download zemana from your official site, i usually just open up edge and download it with it
Malwarebytes used to block Zemanas site, but nowadays its fine

Not sure if it matters at all, but just wanted to post it ( not sure if google (ever) tends to run such setting as default on their browser someday)