Battle Adguard Chrome Extension vs Adguard for Desktop


Level 13
Aug 15, 2018
I'm looking for a good and efficient adblocker for the family computer. It has Chrome installed and IE is disabled. I've installed AdGuard browser extension with these 3 filters (AdGuard base filter, AdGuard Annoyances filter and Adguard spyware filter). They seem to be doing a good job till now. Since Chrome is the only application for which I need to block the ads will there be any benefit in purchasing the AdGuard for Desktop? People here at MT seems to recommend the Desktop version instead of the extension.


Level 24
May 3, 2015
Thanks @mlnevese
And what are the best parameters, filters ?
Are default settings enough for a good protection ?

That really depends on what you want Adguard to do. If it's just ad filtering then default is enough, although I normally increase how often it checks for filter updates. If you want it to help in privacy as well then activate stealth mode. It will automatically activate filters for other languages if you visit any site with a language it has a filter for.


Level 2
Sep 5, 2018
FYI, AdGuard is working on DNS component for its desktop version, which will feature secure DNS and DNS filter, just like in Android version. ETA unknown, but it's work-in-progress.
You can use currently available free tools such as Simple DNScrypt and hosts file to achieve the same, but it's good to have all combined under 1 roof.