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SoLenny_at_GitHub said:
Remember how we added scriptlets support? Scriptlets are mini-prgrams that allow us to modify how the code of the web page behaves. For example, this helps AdGuard block anti-ad blockers. To save you time, let’s just say we made this instrument stronger, which will allow AdGuard to circumvent anti-ad blockers better (and will help in some other cases).
In the thread what is the best Adblocker, I (correctly) assumed that even advanced users nearly never write their own rules AND probably zero power users have figured out how to change the appearance (with CSS syntax) or functionaliy (mostly locking anti adblock scripts by injecting scriptlets into the page visited) of websites using the advanced options.

Obviously SoLenny (from Adguard) also assumes that this is abakadabra/not understood by the majority of power users (assuming no ordinary PC user will browser GitHub for information of new releases of open source software).

So there are basically two types of blocklist writers: the easy (simple) ones writing old fashioned adblock syntax and the advanced anti-adblock blocklist writers who use all those (super) advanced options.

The latter (the advanced options) will certainly be killed by Google Chrome Manifest 3, because this relates directly to Google's main source of income: advertisements on the web. Manifest 3 is a gift from heaven for Adguard (because they offer a paid desktop version).


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Nope, just a poor student. Would I use a 10 year old laptop and work as part-time cook when I was an (Adguard) developer like SoLenny?