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This morning while reading the news, Adguard for Edge updated. Noticeable difference a different blocklist/filter organization. Blockists are grouped differently.When using Adguard don't forget to enable the "Use optimized filters" option. This reduces size of blocklist filters by including only the ones which are used a lot (suppose they use a threshold counter). This way the dead wood is removed from the filters automatically.

I don't remember whether the easylist filters were included in the past (because I prefer Adguard filters with optimizing option). When they apply this optimization mechanism also for Easylist filters the reason to maintain their own filters sort of disappears. They already made their filters public available. Probably they have found a way to maintain the list automatically (with optimization option), so they don't need to maintain a full separate list (like they have now) and can move to a small add-on list like uBlock uses now.