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We're continuing the cycle of in-depth reviews of AdGuard products. This time it's AG for Safari! 🦁
The AdGuard product family consists of many members and each has its own character. There is an ‘older’ and ‘younger’ generation. AdGuard for Safari was released in November, 2018. Though it’s closer to youngsters, it soon became one of the most popular ad blockers for browsers. It replaced our classic browser extension that existed before Apple’s restrictions, and we had to do our best to make the current extension comparable to the previous one. AdGuard for Safari can’t be compared to full-fledged desktop ad blocking apps, but has many virtues.

It’s free, for starters! And it will definitely save you from ads, trackers, phishing, and malicious websites. But first things first. Let’s take a look inside AdGuard for Safari and find out what it can do.


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lol Ublock? they mean uBlock Origin? i guess then uBlock Origin does have custom filters and user filter as well