Q&A Advanced System Care By IObit detected by Malwarebytes as PUP. Is it really a PUP?


Level 52
Aug 2, 2015
Linux Mint
i would not get to excited about iobits advanced system care 10, i have been using it for three yrs or more and its great software, never had a problem and malawarebytes i have had for over 4 yrs now and would not have a pc without it installed, if it pick up iobits system care as pup or whatever my simple messsage is don't worry about it, you can also set malawarebytes to ignore it to as i did, if you want a clean system both of these software's are great, i also use bitdefender ante virus 2017 my pc runs great and just to mention if your having trouble with slow restarts etc then you should most definitely install advanced system care 10 and no i do not work for these software companies just saying that the experience i have with them are great -no problems what so ever .
Happy they are for you, they are just not for everyone.
The point is your happy ;)