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I'm not sure what to think about this....
*Laughing*:p:D with @Fantasy! I'm feeling the "Love" from Ulikedat's heart <3 while your comment tickled my Smile-O-Meter!;):)

@alioz, your configuration is very light, and I personally set my UAC to 'Always Notify' too!:)
I wanted to ask about your yes/no reply to 'Virtual Malware Testing' for it happens to be something I'd like someday to do, but first I must become acquainted with Virtual Box

A highly praised cleaning software which I'd learned of here is called CCleaner. It's a good practice in keeping your system light & fast. You can read & download it on Softpedia here There's also a portable version (another good practice in system lightness) if you so desire.;)
Thanks for sharing your system's configuration!
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What exact antivirus? There's a lot of antivirus bro. Hope it's not System Doctor. lol