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What you need to know
  • The first stable Android 11 build is now rolling out to users with Pixel phones.
  • The latest version of Android brings a ton of new features, including conversation bubbles, built-in screen recording, one-time permissions, improved 5G support, call screening support, and more.
  • Android OEMs are expected to upgrade their devices to Android 11 over the coming months.


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What about Nokia or other phones with Android One?

Android One phones are targeted towards emerging markets, and heavily restricted by Google.
Android One comes without any of the stuff that manufacturers like to bundle in - no skins, no duplicate apps, no additional services. That means no pre-loading Microsoft Office or Facebook app, no additional news apps and no changing the keyboard.

Google's goal here is to facilitate the spread of Google-controlled Android via compelling products.
Source: What is Android One, what does it feature, and which devices run it?

Might as well buy a Pixel, instead of Android One in a developed market.
(or Xperia)