Need Help Android infected with FBI Lockscreen Scam

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    Device model:
    LG Rebel LTE LGL44VL
    Infection date and initial symptoms:
    This morning I received this weird pop up which immediately shifted to this FBI virus scam that I can not get rid of.
    Current issues and symptoms:
    The issues i have right now is i'm trying to manually hard reset my phone and I cannot even get to the setting screen before this stupid thing pops back up and covers the whole screen and i can't do anything.
    Steps taken in order to remove the infection:
    I cant use anything right now until I can figure out how to manually hard reset it before that FBI screen pops back up. it is almost instant after i take out the battery to turn the phone off. it immediately once it turns on goes to the infected screen again.
    CAN ANYONE PLEASE ASSIST ME IN TRYING TO FIGURE OUT TO MANUALLY HARD RESET MY PHONE BEFORE THE FBI VIRUS SCREEN SHOWS UP AGAIN? AND HOW WOULD I DO THAT? I have attempted to push the power on button and the volume down button to try but all it does is take a screen shot. I legit do not want to have to go buy another phone or pay
    to fix it. I really would appreciate any help on this!!!
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    Please refrain from using all caps as this is considered yelling and will probably delay someone giving you assistance.
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    Use a real time protection on your computer and reset your phone with Stock ROM. Or when your phone is closed, before opening you can reset it.
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    If a screenshot is being made whilst you're attempting to do the Power and Volume Down button trick (as you said is happening), this means your device isn't properly switched off (which is required to boot into recovery). According to online sources, you can attempt the following to boot into the recovery area.

    Discussed device: LG Rebel LTE L44V
    Source: How to Perform Hard Reset Tracfone LG Rebel LTE L44VL

    It is important to remember that by performing a hard reset, you'll lose all your data.

    I hope that this will work for you, please keep us updated with what happens!
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