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@Local Host How's Kaspersky different and wiser choice than Eset? Why not Ikarus or Qihoo then? Both comes up with newest sigs for latest threats when other vendors sleeping. It's same old default-allow AV style, a lottery, after execution you will get infected or not. Kaspersky's only advantage is TAM and don't tell me regular home users use it.
ESET needs to be properly setup to be effective, is not install and forget.
Kaspersky has all the features one would need for Home Usage (including default-deny), is extremely light on the systems I tested so far, and comes properly configured out of the box.

I really don't care what others use or like, one should use what fits their needs, but I would never recommend Qihoo to anyone, as for Ikarus never tried it, so I'm not going to recommend something I have no experience with either.
I gave the user an option and not a solution, I'm not going to tell him what to use.


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Considering your bad experience with their support, I believe it would not be wise to remain with them.

As for suggestions, you can try Kaspersky.
I am ESET user for 10+ years and that was my first problem with them.
I also had kaspersky for some time and sometimes i couldn't open https sites and my NordVPN connection was unstable. I contact them about nordvpn, they said to know about problem and they will fix it. About year later problem is still there.

I like nod32 + WF so far
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