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Its GUI sucks big time, it looks like something made for Windows XP. Packaging sells, even when talking about software and Avira is stuck.

Avira tops in all performance tests, but whenever I tried it, it was worse than Defender, once I had to reinstall, since Windows took 10 mins to boot.
Gui yes is ugly. But my boot with Avira is the best that I have seen to my laptop


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When I've tried in the last few years, at times it had multiple scan processes running.
Yeah, I thought that might be the case, still it has the feeling of a mediocre AV. I am currently replacing Forticlient with Panda, even-though it has issues with WiFi. Forticlient started to slow down boot, but also the cold start of the browser takes 30-40 secs, seriously, what did they do to it?! :emoji_expressionless:


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They explain why "Cloud" word here:
  • Why is ‘cloud’ used in the name of the service if it’s installed on a device?
    We added the word ‘cloud’ to the service name because we wanted to emphasize that it’s not tied to a specific device, but instead works as a single service – even if it’s installed on multiple devices. This is our first step towards creating protection “‘beyond” the device – security that considers your online habits, choices and preferences to protect you round the clock. Also, some of the data required for the service to work is sourced from Kaspersky Lab’s cloud. This includes a security assessment of the Wi-Fi network you about to connect to, or the category of website you are about to open – both which are required to launch secure VPN – or a description of your interests, so the service can provide you with relevant security news and tips.