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Atrocious performance by eScan, probably down to the old build of BD engine and the famous signature update bug of this product that can only be fixed by downloading the weekly updater file.
I've never had any issues with updates. I just booted my eScan partition and it automatically updated to v7.84164 signatures. Bitdefender themselves, have only released a single signature update since them. However as usual, the download speed was fairly slow.


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When I use AppTimer to see how fast for instance Chrome launches and check WD versus Avast, Windows Defender slows down programs starts 25% less. Windows Defender set on MAX with ConfigureDefender COLD (first startup) launches half a second faster than Avast with FileShield installed. Consequetive startups of Chrome with WD are just below .2 seconds faster than Avast (again with Fileshield only, when I install more Avast free modules, the lag gets worse). Could you post your AppTimer recordings (since you mentioned that you knew for a fact)?

Mileage may vary per PC config, I know
Just launching things takes forever with WD. Like FOREVER. And my system isn't slow by any metric. It gets even worse on netbook with eMMC and Atom where my apps take several seconds to launch where with Kaspersky or avast! takes like half a second. Opening Downloads folder full of installers and EXE files is even worse.


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Yes, that you don't want to accept is your problem. For some reason Bitdefender is the engine most used by other companies and is the one with the most customers worldwide.
Bitdefender engine/signatures are cheaper to purchase by other companies ;)

in protections Bitdefender > Kaspersky and Norton.
Just going to VT, there comparing some fresh uploaded malware samples, BD is rarely seen there within 10 hours after the first submission.