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Homepage: Protect your personal info from breaches | Avast BreachGuard
  • Currently limited to US customers, more markets later
  • $39 for a one-year subscription
  • Available for Windows PC
Blog: Avast Launches BreachGuard for Data Monitoring | Avast
"BreachGuard takes the burden off the individual to monitor and manage all the possible privacy vulnerabilities in their online life. We watch the dark web, the breach notices, and the data brokers so you don’t have to, putting the knowledge and the tools in your hands to improve your online privacy.”​

Press release: Avast Enables Users to Gain Control of Personal Data with Launch of BreachGuard

Avast BreachGuard provides detection, resolution, and ongoing monitoring and prevention to ensure users’ privacy is safeguarded at all times. Product features include:

  • 24/7 Breach Monitor: ~ automatically scans the dark web for leaked personal information, immediately alerting users when their information appears in a data breach or in a database on the dark web. To reduce the risk of identity theft, users receive advice on how to fix the issue and secure their accounts.
  • Data Broker Removal: ~ enables customers to reclaim their personal information by sending a request to remove it from data broker databases through an automated process. This could prevent real-world consequences of privacy infringements, such as price discrimination where, for example, an insurance company might raise your rates based on your internet search history.
  • Privacy Setting Advisor: ~ offers resources to enhance your online privacy proactively, including personalized tips for optimizing privacy settings on common services such as Facebook and Google. It also monitors for privacy setting updates and alerts customers to changes that they should consider making in areas like privacy, sharing, and location data.
  • Privacy Score: ~ a dashboard that displays an individual’s privacy score and areas for improvement, similar to a credit score. It keeps track of your progress as you resolve any privacy vulnerabilities and lets you know what you can do to improve your score.
  • News Feed: ~ a real-time news feed of breaches as they happen.


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Looks like this one was out in the AVG brand name first, I think a month ago. I really wonder what Avast is doing, sometimes Avast branded products get new features/apps, sometimes AVG branded products do. In fact, just like all the Avast/AVG apps BreachGuard is also completely rebranded (including DLL and exe file descriptions and adding the organization name as Avast or AVG Technologies etc.). Why they waste their QA like this, I do not know. We never see bdcore.dll in VIPRE branded as "VIPRE core" - it remains "BitDefender core". But not so with Avast and AVG.

Would it not save them a lot of QA effort by simply delivering AVG as a UI reskin of Avast?