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I need some advice on backup software. And also on the hardware end as well.
As of the moment I have Nova Backup Express on my pc, which I just installed and have not yet used.
It seems that Aomei Backupper and Macrium Reflect are decent choices.
Any thoughts on Nova Backup Professional or O&O DiskImage 9???
I'm looking for something easy to use, and is a paid for program generally better than a free one?

I have files that change every month and do not know weather incremental/differential images are what I need or not.
As for the hardware end I have a 1 Terabyte HD with Windows 7 x64 (home premium)
What would be recommended, do I need a backup HD, can I backup to say a flash drive (music and documents) and is cloud backup an option?

I'm rather new to this and any and all thoughts are greatly appreciated.


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There are a lot of good free choices for a backup software. AOMEI Backupper, EASEUS Todo Backup, Paragon Backup & Recovery Free, Macrium Reflect are the some of known ones, reliable, and most important they are not lagging that much behind paid software like Acronis.
I recommend you to store backups on external devices like USB Flash drive or external HDD instead on the cloud. Storing system backup online is not a smart move because of relative slow speeds of downloading the same, when needed in emergency. Files, on the other hand, can be backup-ed in the cloud as you can download/sync them whenever you want.


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If you want a simple file backup program, I suggest you should go for Free CloudBacko pro IT solution. CloudBacko pro is simpler in the sense you don’t need to install it rather you can only login through your favourite social media account. You can save up to 100 TB of free data storage. It supports majorly Windows, Mac, Linux ,etc.


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i have used Aomei and Macrium Reflect both for a long time with a restore success rate of 100% and in the early days of using my PC i used them a lot to restore my broken computer. Highly recommend both. ;):)