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Mar 18, 2018
I'm looking for the best free uninstaller in terms of safety (not deleting stuff it shouldn't) > performance (deleting as much as possible of what it should). I've never used a dedicated uninstaller program before, nor have I really felt the need to. I install tons of programs, and I've rarely had difficulties removing them, certainly nothing a reboot didn't help resolve. And I've typically just used CCleaner periodically to clean up extra crap left behind. That said, I'm interested in trying one or two, but it's not important enough for me to pay for, let alone an annual fee, hence why Revo isn't an option (the free version of it doesn't have full x64 support and I seem to recall reading another issue with the free version). Here's my options and what I like and don't like about each (and please explain why you prefer a certain program):

Primo / Regshot (Primo is a newer fork of Regshot)
+Completely free & open-source
+Use snapshots (I realize this isn't a perfect way of doing it and has potential drawbacks, but to me it seems like it would be the most thorough and accurate)
+Seem to have a good reputation

Mirekusoft Install Monitor
+Realtime monitoring of installations (don't have to remember to manually take a snapshot before and after)
-Realtime monitoring (having a program always running just to monitor the occasional install seems counter-productive, and I'd probably lose more performance from this than I would gain from the cleaner uninstalls)
-Freeware according to majorgeeks but have to buy from mirekusoft website, which doesn't specify license duration, so that's not very encouraging (only reasons I'm considering this despite it costing $ is due to the monitoring and if it's a lifetime license, not a subscription)

ZSoft Uninstaller
+Completely free
+Uses snapshots
-Doesn't seem as widely used/regarded as others

Soft Organizer
+Uses snapshots
-Not free and website doesn't specify duration of license, probably won't use but if it's a lifetime license and really good I might

Geek Uninstaller Free
+Good reputation
+Seems to do well in reviews
-Free version is limited

Wise Program Uninstaller
+Wise products appear to be well-liked
-Says "No need to install it" on download page but then gives you a setup file

IObit Uninstaller
+Many people seem to really like it
-People don't like IObit*

CCleaner / Kerish Doctor / Wise Care 365 / PrivaZer
What's the difference between using an uninstaller program, which runs the official uninstaller then cleans up what's left, vs running the official uninstaller through add/remove then using one of these programs to do the clean up? Is it just that the uninstaller apps have a more limited, and therefore safer, scope, or is there more to it, i.e. do the uninstaller programs use "definitions" to know what to look for and where vs just looking randomly for trash or use some other method that goes beyond what these programs do?

*From what I can tell, people take issue with IObit over them stealing MWB's definitions years ago. I don't know much about that, or if it was even proven, but if it is indeed true I wouldn't want to give them my business. However, since this is a free app, if that's the only issue people have with them, I see no reason not to use it if it's good. So is that it, or are there other reasons to avoid their products? I ask not only in regards to this but their Unlocker program which I use.

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Jan 29, 2017
Ok... but I don't want to go back in time. I just want to remove the app I installed last month. In reality, RollbackRx (or SD) isn't all that helpful as an uninstaller unless you just want to jump back an hour or so. If I rolled back a month I would have many broken apps; my mailstore would be missing unrecoverable messages, and my documents/downloads/videos/music etc, would be missing edits, additions, and deletions. That is why Revo (and others) exist. Surgical excision.
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Mar 3, 2017
RX can completely uninstall any app with a quick reboot, Uninstallers might fail to remove all the leftovers or worse delete an important (and irrecoverable file). You won't lose your work since you can go backwards and forwards, and copy files back and forth regardless of which snapshot you are using. It's up to you but i'm not using revo or any other "cleaner" on my system. This works better for me.