You can use Comodo Firewall w/ your ESET Nod32.
It is free. If you want only HIPS than disable sandbox. If you want behavior blocker enable sandbox and disable HIPS.
You can also enable both of them :)
It is free as I said, try CFW. If you won't like just uninstall it :)


You may try and give a shot for Malware Defender, a pure HIPS may provide complex configuration that needs an experience user to handle it.

Or try the free trial for Mamutu Behavior Blocker from Emsisoft.

Hello Paul Lee,

Malware Defender (freeware) is an extraordinarily configurable classical HIPS. It's only offered as 32-bit and its last update was a few years ago. Don't let these facts deter you as it will work well on a 64 bit system and is fully developed as-is.

WARNING! Malware Defender is not for the uninitiated...and is definitely for the crazy brave. There is a Learning Mode to ease the pain and frustration. Despite this the learning curve is long and steep. Personally, I avoid it.

Another classical HIPS choice is Softsphere's DefenseWall HIPS (paid). 32 bit only and it has a policy-based sandbox. Work well on 64 bit systems,

You'd have to track-down Emsi's Behavior Blocker Mamutu, but remember, it is no longer actively developed as a stand-alone product although you can still obtain support on the Emsisoft forum under "Other Emsisoft Products." The last version that I know of is You don't want to pay for it.

My choice for stand-alone classical HIPS would be DefenseWall. If that didn't work on my system, then I'd fall back to Malware Defender.

My choice for stand-alone Behavior Blocker would be Emsisoft's Mamutu If I could find a safe, freeware download.
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