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Thanks for the news. Waiting for the 2015 version works more fluid in Windows 8.1 Upd 1. Subscribed !


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Hello everybody.

We’ll soon present you the Beta version of our new Bitdefender. If you want to be among the firsts to find out when it’s out, subscribe here:

P.S. We also have awesome prizes, so stay tuned, we’ll let you know how you can win them :).
Thanks for the information.It will be nice to see the new version. :)
I moved your thread to the Bitdefender sub-forum in Security products where you may post any information about your products.


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Can you give us some details on what we can expect from BIS 2015?
Exclusively for MT

What’s new: "roughly"

- User Interface (the same quality of service for all devices on the supported platforms)

- Activity Profiles (a feature that will adapt your PC’s performance according to your activity. So each time you game, watch movies or work, Bitdefender can offer you an uninterrupted experience by suspending unnecessary programs, postponing maintenance tasks, eliminating pop-ups and adjusting your visual effects.)

- Performance Tune-up tasks (with One-click Optimize)
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