Level 49
Content Creator
This version fixes the following issues:
• Fixed a rare Chrome crash when accessed from the upgrade page
• Fixed Profile not scrolling to the bottom
• Fixed a crash when downgrading the product
• Fixed a crash caused by Device Management
• Fixed a issue where the Anti-Spam events would not show up in the Notifications tab
• Fixed a rare crash where the installer would crash at system check
• Fixed a issue where the Drives and Devices would be greyed-out on a limited account
• Fixed a issue where the Vulnerability Scan would show notifications when there are no vulnerabilities
• Bitdefender Agent Schedule has been set back to 1 min
• Fixed a graphical issue in Scan Reports
• Fixed a issue where the Firewall would block the printer
• Fixed a issue where the WMI Provider Host would eat unnecessary CPU
• Fixed a issue where the Remember This Website on SafePay would have no effect
• Fixed a crash on systems with their language set to Greek
• Fixed a rare crash when the system comes out of sleep
• Fixed a issue where the Scan USB Devices function would automatically immunize them as well
• Fixed a issue where the Paranoid Mode will remain enabled even after disabling the Firewall or the AV
• Fixed a issue where the Agent login page would be blank due to IE security settings
• Added Whitelist option under Web Protection
• Fixed a crash caused by IE
• Fixed a rare crash caused by the Update engine
• Fixed a issue where Protection stats are doubled
• Fixed a issue where the Widget would now show on next reboot
• Fixed random rare crashes
• Fixed a issue where the Notification for unsecure Wi-Fi is not shown
• Fixed a issue where the install would freeze at 60%
• Fixed a issue where the Device Management rules where not properly added to the Firewall
• Fixed a issue where the Vulnerability Scan would not properly detect the Windows password
• Added SafePay Settings in the Wi-Fi Profile
• The Agent can now detect if the Windows account has been enabled/disabled by the Administrator
• Fixed a issue where the Remote Scan would not start if the user is logged out
• Fixed a crash caused by DiskClean-up
• Fixed a issue where the Public Wi-Fi Profile would not be disabled when the network is changes from Public to Private
• Fixed a issue where clicking on a notification would not open the event
• Fixed a issue where the confirmation window to add a email to Spam would not show
• Fixed a issue where Vulnerability Scan would no detect the 2nd limited user's password
• Fixed a rare crashes caused by the Firewall
• Fixed a Device Manager crashed caused by the Security Center
• Caps Lock in the Virtual keyboard now affects special characters
• Fixed a issue where the Elevation Helper would appear when having a USB stick connected
• Fixed a issue where spam emails would not be moved into the Spam folder
• Fixed a issue where the AVC would not be enabled when Paranoid mode is turned on
• Fixed a issue where Remote Tasks would not start on a standard user

The following improvements were included:
• Improved SafePay's Functionality
• Product interface fixes and improvements
• Improved Wallet's compatibility with supported browsers
• Improved Wallet's compatibility with certain websites
• Improved the product's ability to analyze and report issues
• Improved Ransomware Protection's notifications
• Improved kernel mode heuristics
• Improved product upgrade function
• Improved Custom Scan's schedule engine
• Improved the way the product sends out notifications
• Improved the Disk Clean-up module
• Improved Paranoid Mode
• Improved product install/upgrade scripts
• Improved Anti-Phishing engine's functionality
• Improved Self Protect
• Improved Graphic performance when accessing Disk Clean-up
• Improved Security Report's accuracy
• Improved SnapPhoto's quality
• Improved product's CPU/Memory consumption