F 4 E

Level 2
Like others here, every year I try the new BD, and every year it works well for a while, and then either processes will stop working, or it will freeze on a scan. Right now I'm using F Secure Total which works fine on all my machines, and it looks unlikely I'll be tempted to use BD again. Maybe I'll try the 2020 version, just for the giggles !

Vlad The Hedgefox

Level 5
I experienced the same thing, its very slow in deleting / detecting malware , or virusses.
The RAM usage spiked. If i compare to my normal use AV , thats so fast in detecting and cleaning.
This is the reason i uninstalled BD 2020 immediately.
Like i said: Bitdefender always will be worst AV ever because of eating too much RAM memory and making PC works slower like a snail on PC with 1 core processor

The Cog in the Machine

Level 21
Rescue environment is working on Windows 10 Pro 1903 but not working on 1809 version. On 1809 I get an error message "Windows recovery image is missing". Does that mean I need to create a recovery media from Windows settings?