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I can confirm the feature is there in the 2020 version because I got a prompt to immunize the usb...but sometimes the alert does not show:eek:
This it seems a bug! But we should not make it a big deal.

Is it still using 500MB of RAM idle?
No around 200MB sometimes a little higher but the average is around 200

Isn't startup optimiser part of the Total Security Version?

Screenshot (5).png

So what's this? :unsure:


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bitdefender total security 2020 installed ram consumption 172 mb maybe something more than kaspersky or eset but I think bitdefender is better in my modest opinion
advantages of bitdefender
It is one of the most awarded and valued suites
when he makes the launch he does it in all languages
makes many promotions
consume more than ram
bitdefender rating
translated by google forgive the inconvenience


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Malware Tester
GOOD: My ransomware bypassed BitDefender
BAD: I ransomwared myself :(

JUST TO BE CLEAR ABOUT THIS: I quick-coded this in order to bypass it, I used a few strings according to my specific system since I know how MY system works according to the installed software and vulnerabilities. It was just made to test it, but this is not a serious ransomware and it will 99% not work on any other's computer, since, as I stated, it was scripted to bypass BD according to my configurations (Windows & BitDefender). You should not fear BitDefender can't protect against ransomware, this is an own-targeted sample. Thanks.