Do you have a Content Blocker installed for iOS?

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Homepage: BlockBear | Block ads and protect your privacy

BlockBear is a really simple and ferocious adblocking app that allows you to browse the web ad-free and reclaim valuable screen space.
  • Blocks ads (popups, text ads, banners) and removes website clutter
  • Loads many websites 3-5x faster saving time and bandwidth
  • Protects your privacy from widespread online tracking (cookies, beacons, scripts, etc)
  • Lets you choose to block any combination of ads, online tracking and social buttons with a simple switch
  • Helps you to conveniently whitelist your favourite websites from within Safari using the BlockBear Safari extension
  • Includes 100% more bears than competing ad blockers
Get app for iOS: ‎BlockBear!


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I'm using "1Blocker X". It was like 2€ on app store and it also blocks trackers as well as other things like cookie notices, cryptominers and social widgets.

There are quite few ad blockers. Blockbear isn't bad and it's free.


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I change my DNS on WiFi to AdGuard Family, and Windscribe is on 99% of the time so ROBERT clears up the rest including on mobile data. DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser is my go-to and that also blocks trackers.

Not a criticism of these blocking apps, rather an alternative.


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Actually i just downloaded that enabled it in the settings i checked it its not blocked ads on 9tomac, neowin, a few sites as it's not working for me i dont know, so i disabled it and i use StopAd it works for me o_O

I'm on iOS 11.3.1