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Does eset offer engine licensing? Avira would also be a good choice.

I have been test the 2020 BIS and I really like it. It's light no browsing slowdowns nor startup delay. The new secure browser is great. No bloatware and a good privacy policy. I hope if someone got a deal on bullguard to let me know.
BullGuard has a long and very cordial relation with BitDefender, the engine will not change anytime soon.

The company is trying to develop it's own engines and behavioural protections since about a couple of years. I do believe they'll get better in a year or two.

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Bullguard scored well in the latest AV-Test December test.

Bullguard's tweet


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Bullguard is a comfortable security company. Thus:
- custom development is almost nothing
- Bitdefender SDK engine helps a lot to detect malwares
- you can get free 1 year license almost every year
- Internet Security and VPN are cost is €119.98 :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
- it is an average product
- behavior blocker is not the best