Bullguard is a comfortable security company. Thus:
- custom development is almost nothing
- Bitdefender SDK engine helps a lot to detect malwares
- you can get free 1 year license almost every year
- Internet Security and VPN are cost is €119.98 :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
- it is an average product
- behavior blocker is not the best
It's way bellow average.
- All tools are underdeveloped, a la McAfee style. Firewall is a joke (definitely not McAfee-style, where it's quite powerful).
- User Experience is beyond awfull.
- Website is tiny. It's centred around 2-3 home products. By no means does this website induce some trust in me. Highly resembles a fake av website from 10 years ago.
- They are one of the few companies to offer identity and fraud monitoring, but how good can that be, considering that they can't even develop a decent UI?
- I am highly curious why does an AV need to take up >400 mb of RAM in idle state... does it also include some sort of a hidden NASA-Spaceship controlling engine or something? When Norton uses around 20 and Webroot uses <10. Both of them offer better protection and more tools.

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Very informative thread thanks to all above memebers for their valuable input. In the long run Bullguard should become a more rock solid antivirus
Yes, I do believe in them. One member said that they are developing their own engine which I was not able to confirm. But let us wait and see. The product is one of the lightest suites available in the market.

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How about the high Ram usage?

I have installed the new version of BIS on a laptop with fresh Windows 10 Pro install. First, I have noticed that the online installer download 170 MBs instead of 60 MBs (as it used to be). The high ram usage is still there and I feel a performance hit which I confirm is a new issue. I don't know what's going on but let's wait and see what the changes are in their release notes (still not published).

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Disabling Game Booster, PC Tune Up and Backup scheduler makes Bullguard run as a feather.

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