Need Advice Can I improve upon these uBlock Origin settings?

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Jul 8, 2012
Okay, a few years ago I already tried uBlock Origin, but only in default install mode. So the numbers on the icon had the grey background. But I later decided on using the AdGuard browser extension.

Now, this morning a friend told me I should try out the current version of uBlock Origin, and learn how to get more out of the extension. So I installed uBlock Origin and so far I have learned how to set the global rules to block 3rd party iframes and scripts, so uBlock is now in I think Medium mode?. (The number background is now blue.) And I also found out how to unlock those rules for specific websites, by making use of either global or locale rules. (And make sure that I click on save, to keep the rules permanent. :)) These rules were added when I globally blocked 3rd party iframes and scripts?

* * 3p-frame block
* * 3p-script block

So I am looking to find out if there is still something that I can do in uBlock to improve upon it, without breaking websites? I would also like to ask if I did not over did the blocklists I activated at the moment?

uBkock Origin lists using at the moment.jpg

I think the total amount of rules from the filter lists comes down to 151.258. I picked the imported lists from the site below.

It looks like about 98--99% of what I see blocked in my NextDNS logbooks, is from my Smartphone. The rest seems to get blocked now by uBlock Origin? o_O If that is so, then I am impressed.

But to continue, any advice and or Tips are welcome. :)
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Apr 21, 2016
It sounds like you've made some great improvements to your uBlock Origin settings! Blocking 3rd party iframes and scripts is a good step to enhance your browsing experience. As for the number of blocklists, 151,258 rules may seem excessive, but it ultimately depends on your personal preference and the sites you visit. If you experience any issues with website functionality, you can selectively disable and enable specific lists to find the right balance. It's great to hear that uBlock Origin is effectively blocking unwanted content, and if you're satisfied with its performance, there may not be a need for further adjustments. However, if you'd like to explore more options, you can experiment with custom filters and user rules to fine-tune the extension based on your specific needs.

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