Yes, a SIM card can definitely become infected, anything that runs code can become infected for that matter - even your USB firmware can become infected (BadUSB exploit - check #3 on the blog post by Kaspersky I linked the text too).

Although, that being said, it's very unlikely that you will ever run into a scenario of your SIM card becoming infected. It is very unlikely and not all SIM cards are the same therefore the attacker would need to find an unpatched vulnerability for the target SIM cards and then gain enough access to deploy the infection to the target.

Check the following sources for some additional information:
Positive Research Center: 4G Security: Hacking USB Modem and SIM Card via SMS
Black Hat: Mobile carriers react quickly to major SIM card vulnerability
SIM cards are prone to remote hacking – Security Research Labs
Wiki - SIMtester - SRLabs Open Source Projects
Researcher Finds Hundreds Of Millions Of Vulnerable SIM Cards

Hopefully the above resources will provide sufficient information for your understandings on the topic!

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Yes it is possible, that's why some hackers can managed to stole certain information on the sim card due to chip component.

Nothing is impossible and since it connected to technological aspect then expect of immediate risks.

As mentioned, exploits is the number one tool to hijack the stability of ones component.