Cats-4_Owners-2 Security Config

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Dec 31, 1969
Operating System
Windows 10
Windows Edition
14393.693 version 1607
System type
64-bit OS
Security Updates
Automatic Updates - All security and feature updates
User Access Control
Always Notify - For App installs, Modify system & User settings
Device Firewall
3rd-party Firewall - Network security provided by a trusted vendor
Device Security
Windows Defender SmartScreen
User Account
Recent Security Issues
Not in a long time
Security Testing with Malware
No - Malware is avoided where possible
Real-time Web & Malware Protection
Kaspersky Internet Security
Hitman Pro Alert
VoodooShield beta
Zemana Antilogger Premium
Security Protection settings
Default - Settings are balanced for security and performance
Virus and Malware Removal Tools
Emsisoft Emergency Kit Portable
Malwarebytes Antimalware
HitmanPro (scanner included w/HitmanPro Alert)
Browsers and Extensions
Cyberfox browser - 64 bit: HTTPS Everywhere, uBlock Origin, NoScript, LastPass, No Small Script, & Theme Font & Size Changer.

Vivaldi - 32 bit: Adguard, uMatrix, & LastPass

IE - Tracking Protection - EasyList, EasyPrivacy, PrivacyChoice, + Stop Google Tracking.

Microsoft Edge: None have yet to be installed
Web Privacy
Cyberfox - uBlock Origin & NoScript. Vivaldi - Adguard & uMatrix. IE - EasyList, EasyPrivacy, PrivacyChoice, & Stop Google Tracking subscriptions.
Password Management
Default Web Search
Cyberfox - DuckDuckGo. Vivaldi - DuckDuckGo. IE & Edge - Bing
System Utilities collection
CCleaner portable version 525
Personal data Backup
Macrium Reflect
Intervals between Personal data backups
Disk Imaging Backup
Use of Backup software is forthcoming whilst the universe awaits a reasonabley priced external HDD, 'Cmon Santa, you know I'm on your "nice" list! ;)
Intervals between System Image backups


Level 37
Dec 4, 2013
Windows 10
This is the first configuration entry I've made in a very..very long time!:oops: The sands from the hourglass of my Emsisoft I.S. subscription finally :eek:ran out so striving to be a frugal Malwaretips member, I chose to reactivate Windows Defender & Windows Firewall (Defender seemed much quicker, although "Full Scan" still lived up to being quite "full" in a time wise sense) and I'd switched VoodooShield from "Smart" to "Always On" whilst also spending more time in Shadow Defender's "Shadow Mode"!:cool:
Paranoia also has it's benefits!;):p

Uninstalled: Emsisoft I.S. (it proved a very good run!) :)
..and decided to try a security suite with an equally high reputation.
Installed: Kaspersky Internet Security
Day (2) and I like it!:) I've not noticed any of the heaviness mentioned by some over the years.:rolleyes:

Thank you @Exterminator for setting great examples I'd begun to glean from years ago which are still consistently accurate today!:D
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