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Detection is pathetic. On a set of 60 infected files of [2015-09-23] from this forum, CCAV only removed 6 (10%), leaving 54 files.
i dont care , just needed the sandbox on my low performance mini-laptop :D

That's just how it is with Comodo products. The sandbox is the primary protection, detection is not considered a primary protection.
exactly what i wanted

Testing at this moment on W10.
  • 76 MB at idle (63 + 13 MB = antivirus); these values will be different for your specific system

Working set : 44 + 21 mb

Cannot download files and save to system from sandboxed browser (at least not on my system). I would expect to be able to save files to Download directory; maybe not yet enabled since 1st release.
same here


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Well my assumption where the Cloud of Comodo tends to be aggressive/accurate however considering its a 'Beta' for sure they experiment something which all depends on the sandbox modules.

The AutoSandbox is good but the problem of those unusual isolation process that tends to be dangerous if not well whitelisted.

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I like the concept & simplified stuffs.

Give it little time to improve.. its a very first beta.

As per Devs -
Final is going to be released in December.
Cloud AV AutoSandbox doesn't have "Source Tracking" like in current CIS.
Option to "Ask" instead of AutoSandbox will be available in next beta.

As mentioned above I like the concept & simplified stuffs.. I think likewise a simplified Firewall would be good, wot say?

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What is the option in the setting to keep for 10 days?
And 2500 ms.. is this milliseconds i.e 2.5 secs.. isn't this low? I think it should be maximum 30 secs with no minimum limit.. offcoz it will be instant all the time.. for some rare case max 30 secs would be good.


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Are this AV or AutoSandbox FPs?

I am little confused.. AutoSandbox is also the offline protection.. but I dont see Local Whitelist in the GUI? Wont this affect usability offline?

MM not sure, I fast tested it vs 700+ samples and can't be sure how comodo quarantine this files.


This weekend, if I have time I will try to test it on a clean virtual machine.


@hjlbx Is that with default settings (no tweaks)?
Yes. That file is not currently included in the Comodo Safe List ! ... ? :eek:.....:(.....:mad:

There have been ongoing complaints about this sort of thing for a long time on the Comodo forums since many users experience same thing with Comodo Internet Security.

It happens because Comodo does not "harvest" complete versions of Windows OS - to also include all WIndows Updates - directly from Microsoft and then white-list the complete Windows operating system in its entirety. Instead, Comodo just "harvests" system files from user systems that are Unrecognized and submitted upon execution. At least that is my understanding...
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After play a bit with it, I prefer to change "Sandbox all untrusted files" to "Run only safe applications"

1. I can use Sanbox for my browsers.
2. Av works like Anti-exe
3. better protection.

1. Not sure if Viruscope run outside of sandbox.
2. Prevent changed to Block.
Bugs issues and other:
On sandbox you can send safe files to quarantine
If quarantine or detection list is big, UI some times crash
Some important FP.


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OK tnx yesnoo.And what sandbox reset button ??so something as simple firewall from Comodo would be good (windows firewall controll .-) comodo cloud AV+ comodo sandbox+ comodo firewall (windows firewall control)
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OK tnx yesnoo.And what sandbox reset button ??so something as simple firewall from Comodo would be good (windows firewall controll .-) comodo cloud AV+ comodo sandbox+ comodo firewall (windows firewall control)
FW is not going to be there in CCAV.
Reset sandbox means clear sandbox.
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