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Hi everyone. I'm considering buying an adguard family plan. Is it worth it? I already run a pihole server internally (granted there are some limitations to what dns blocking can do). Generally i've standardized on brave which of course has its own adblocking. I've never ran adguard on a pc (just a phone) so i don't know how much it gums up things and slows it down.


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I guess it depends. I have a lifetime license (1 PC + 1 mobile) and despite I love and use the mobile version, I've encountered major speed issues when using the desktop app. Therefore I don't use AdGuard for Windows, instead I use uBlock on the browser; still I use it on Android.

My advice goes towards: do you wish to install it on your family's phones? In that case it's a good idea! If you wish to install it on your family's computers, pretty sure you'll end up uninstalling sooner or later.


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i think it is worth the money. Great solution in blocking malicious/phishing websites. i have both desktop/phone version and they work flawlessly. i think it will be good addition with Good filter enabled by default. never affected the speed of internet surfing.