How does Cylance deals with false negatives? Wait 6 months to a new model update seems to be too much.
Cylance is quite bad with false negatives IMO and there's been a lot of complaints about it. If you have an FP with Cylance, there's red and yellow tape you have to cut through as a developer to get it fixed. Sometimes, people have only had FPs fixed after complaining about it on Reddit in which a Cylance employee would see it and then help the developer fix it.

You have to compromise though. Cylance relies on ML for the most part but they do have signatures for many things and a normal white-list. Due to the nature of ML, if your application triggers it, it's going to be flagged unless it's on a white-list. Cylance do not mean to intentionally flag safe applications.

Cylance Smart AV lacks in a lot of areas but it's a decent companion to something else. By companion, I mean it's fine to run it alongside an ad-blocker. There's no need to go over-the-top with security as a home user. It provides bare essential scanning and it does an integrity check on system files to help make sure they haven't been modified by anyone, which is a nice feature that not a lot of AV software does nowadays. It doesn't come with anything to help with stopping malware from propagating across a network, like a firewall, though - you could always use Windows Firewall which has improved a lot over the years. IIRC, Cylance Smart AV used to lack with the ability to handle WOW64 processes (or it was CylancePROTECT) but this may have since changed.
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