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Apr 13, 2013
The developers at Cylance really proved the old adage that if you can't Dazzle them with Brilliance, Baffle them with Bullshxxt. Although the Cylance application was marginal at best, they were able to sweet-talk various parties (initially my former love In-Q-Tel) to fund them, culminating in getting 100 million USD from Blackstone in 2016.

They then used almost all of the cash on marketing (screw R&D) culminating in the laughable Unbelievable Tours the following year. At these Dog and Pony shows they demonstrated the product and requested malware from the audience to be run against the product. As you might imagine there were a number of particularly nasty folk attending and things did not go very well for Cylance. I personally attended the Arlington, VA session with a few friends had no real issue bypassing the product.

But the real point of the Tour was not to show how great the product was, but instead to showcase the company in the hopes that a Greater Fool will be Dazzled and acquire the company. And this is indeed what occurred as BlackBerry forked over 1.4 Billion USD to but the company (pretty nice return for BlackStone on their investment!).

Anyway, just wanted to say that the product is and was always sub-optimal (and obviously had much too much tome on my hands this morning).

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When Blackberry bought Cylance it was normal to pay 21 to 23 times the annual revenue for a promising high tech company. Now we know that most of these 20-times leverage factors are never going to be earned back in the projected time period.

I only could find 2020 data in which the management of Cylance had projected to continue the yearly 25 to 30 percent growth, but sadly for Blackberry the growth flattened out, causing an impairment of goodwill of 22 million dollar in the last quarter of 2020 for Blackberry (which will only increase when Cylance fails to meet their projected growth targets).

Moral of the story: they better had hired @cruelsister for some consultancy or second opinion on Cylance (assuming her fee is less than 7 million per month).


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May 10, 2011
Truth is that most people are stupid and they have short memory and companies are looking only for quick profit :)