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Wow. I like the overall style.

I just recently re-patched my theme files since updating to SP1.


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I'm using a wallpaper from here, with a Snow Leopard transformation pack, switched to normal Windows 7 Aero.


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I find myself in a phase of red and dark colors.

I have restricted the taskbar to only hold those apps i use 24/7. Nothing more is really necessary. The other icons has been moved to the start menu. Just as easily accessible, just out of view.

I have also found a plugin for foobar2000 that integrates it with aero. Foobar is now perfect. :D


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stormgtr said:
MrXidus, what VS theme do you use? :D
Hello stormgtr. I use Shine 2.0 which can be obtained from DeviantART.

iPanik said:
MrXidus, nice look!
The sky and that rainmeter config goes really well together.
Thank you :)