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Lol!!!:D ;):p

Good job @FreddyFreeloader! You'd posted, and thought this through quite quickly!:)

They,, ..all of them,:eek: got me!:p:D
This reminds me of how The Cowardly Lion kept repeating in the film, "Wizard of Oz": I do believe..I do believe..I do believe!!:): Lol!!!:p;):):) :D April Fool, everyone!:rolleyes::)

cruelsister said:

I'm just happy there were never any Dislikes as I'm quite sensitive.

Hahaha-haha..ha..Ha!:p:D all of us! Oh, Cats, you make me LAUGH!

Got me more than ...hook, line and sinker!!! I'm like a catfish; swallowed it all!:p


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I suspected this thread was an April Fools at the beginning cos of the date (just didn't say anything - best to let it run) ;)
Just because I spend all day eating grass and chewing trouser legs when people get too close doesn't mean I don't spot things like that! :p
By the way, nice one! You certainly got a few victims judging by the posts on here :D

The Sheep :cool:
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