New Update - A new DNS service by co-founders of NextDNS


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Jun 14, 2011
We are so proud and excited to see come to life — a lot of tech and experience from NextDNS went into making this a reality. Please spread the word to your
European friends and colleagues!



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Aug 12, 2014
Hope is not powered by the same AI as used on Nextdns when I last used Nextdns I had to disable "AI-Driven Threat Detection" since it caused to many false positive, I think will stick to my own ad blocking dns resolver hosted in the cloud for my dns needs.


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May 29, 2018
Just started using Dns0 , with zero config. It seems to be better blocking malicious sites than quad9, cloudflare and ControlD wich isnt surprise because it blocks all these:

- Newly registered domains
- New active domains
- Domain generation algothrithms
- IDN homographs
- phishing sites
- DNS rebinding
- Dynamic DNSES
- Cryptojacking
- Parked domains
- High risk top level domains

For me DNS speeds are decent , its like free NextDNS , seems like xmas came early


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Mar 19, 2022
It is a basic NextDNS without config, it is aimed at people, who just want to setup and forget or for ITs to recommend, less hassle and less complications on the way, like blocked services.
Yeah that I understand that NextDNS gives users more control but, isn't dns0 having better threat intel logically with its threat intel partners helping it out?
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Jun 21, 2020
I read through the twitter thread, I love how no one in there is disputing the phrase:
"We are launching the first 100% European public DNS resolver!"
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