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Rob Braxman Tech said:
Brave Browser was revised in 2020 and received a slew of features related to better defense against browser fingerprinting. Or at least that's the claim. In this video we put this to a test, by actually attempting to fingerprint a Brave Browser session in different circumstances while we also theorize some possible ways to evade the defense.

In the end we will figure out exactly what Brave does differently from other browsers and we will see if it lives up to the hype. Is it unbeatable by a browser fingerprint tracker? Or is it flawed?

Find out the results of the actual test. We also compare it to Chrome and Firefox using default settings on those browsers.



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Not the worst video but also not the best.
At least he speak about limitation and other tracking options which aren't blocked but he miss some like ISP name or using Login/ Accounts.

As i know (from GrapheneOS mod) Safari is the only browser which protect against fingerprinting. I guess Chrome is in some kind good too as it has a lot user, but user need using browser defaults to hide in the mass.


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Good video, I've never been a fan of a plethora of plugins to boost security though I have a couple - Used Brave for some time now - It does see the more you try the worse the situation can get, but as billions use the net there is some anonymity through numbers & I avoid the likes of Facebook, twitter etc - However some tracking is inevitable but it rarely caused instant death or a headache? :rolleyes::rolleyes: