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I wish that ZAM 3.0 would have an Anti keylogger feature so I could remove ZAL 2.0 so I could save over 100 MB of ram having to run the program just for an anti-keylogger. I turn off Real-time protection because I am using ZAM 3.0. I guess when you turn off ZAL real-time protection it doesn't unload the signatures from memory I guess.

This screenshot may look like Zemana Anti Malware but it is Zemana Anti Malware's real-time protection module I believe, also it has the ZAL program icon for the proccess.

I think this may the only process for ZAM 3.0 possibly.


Level 3
I can speak only for the ZAM beta actually, the Idle usage is really low; it has a jumping during scan to near 100% CPU usage, but many scanners do that, to end first the scan, I don't like that much, but not my choice. Sometime is better wait a minute more, but going slower. Someone else will say better faster, so is hard to say. :eek:

Idle Usage.

During Scan, but the CPU go even up more.

Not sure about ZAL, from what I see is not using newer engine.

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Actually all the third party antimalware that I use, except one do the booster during the scan, sometime the fan of the laptop is so loud hehe...
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