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Level 17
May 16, 2013
April updates:

---Updating modules from 04/10/2020---

[-] Changes have been made to improve work with paths.

---Updating modules from 04/13/2020---

[-] Fixed problem with displaying site tabs.
[-] Fixed high memory consumption when receiving emails with large IMAP attachments.
[-] Fixed problem with downloading files via java in Teamcenter.

---Updating modules from 04/23/2020---

DevGuard 05/12 / 02.04210
[-] Fixed a crash in the blue screen when connecting removable devices to a PC with VirtualBox 6.1.

[-] Fixed the problem with downloading Windows updates when scanning of protected traffic is enabled.

dwprot 05
/ 12 / 04.03310 [-] Improved protection against exploits.

[-] Should feel better for those who had problems with the driver signature verification drweblwf.sys in the system. A fix distribution can be downloaded tomorrow.

---Modules update from 04/28/2020---

Scanning Engine

[-] Fixed crash.

---Modules update from 04/30/2020---

Scanning Engine
[-] A few more quarantine fixes after reconnecting removable media.
[-] The problem with loading patches for anti-spam when the first appearance of the ASbases directory has been fixed.

Lua-script for antispam
[-] Improved work with settings.


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Apr 28, 2015
The problem is that the link is private for guests users:



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Aug 4, 2016
Was quite a fan of D. Web, I still have a licence, to be honest I can't remember why I stopped using it - The idea of a lower cost if you don't se their tech support is a great idea as I can't remember using tech support with anything bar licence issues - I found the firewall a bit of a nuisance, might give it a try again?


Level 17
May 16, 2013
Updating modules from 05/28/2020

drwbase 202005270

[-] The database of certificates and trusted applications has been updated.
[-] The false triggering of Preventive protection when running the "SoftMaker Office 2021" software has been fixed.

[-] Introduced internal changes to the component and expanded logging at the INF level. We look that there were no update errors.

Modules update from 05/29/2020


[-] Signature verification brakes fixed in the presence of network restrictions.

[-] Fixed problem with memory corruption of third-party applications.


Level 17
May 16, 2013
Updating modules from 02.06.2020


[+] In the settings, the option of allowing third-party software for people with disabilities to voice elements of the Dr.Web interface is added, and work with the Dr.Web interface of programs such as JAWS and NVDA is also supported.
[+] Removed unused items in the context menu of readonly input fields and password input fields.
[!] Redid the window with a list of network interfaces in the settings of the packet filter of the firewall.
[!] The interface is adapted for using system contrast themes.
[-] Improved display of interface elements in Arabic localization.
[-] Improved layout in different windows and agent notifications, including the display of interface elements on high-resolution screens and in SpIDer Gate lock windows.
[-] The problem with adding applications to exceptions after trying to add an already added application has been fixed.
[-] Improved sorting in the statistics table when sorting by Event field.
[-] Fixed displayed focus of interface elements.
[=] Changes have been made for other operating modes, you need to make sure that nothing has broken and that it does not look strange.

[+] When resetting to default, the new firewall rules will be used that allow ICMPv6 by default.
[-] Fixed blocking of devices from the white list if a mask is set for the identifiers of these devices.

Scanner SE
[+] Added the ability to go to the location of the found threat in the detected threats window.
[+] Added the ability to export a list of detected threats.
[+] Added the ability to copy the path to the found threats.
[=] Added support for determining available actions for threats from SE.
[-] Fixed conditions for activating the "Actions" button when selecting objects to scan.
[-] Fixed incorrect conditions for activating the "Delete" button in the window for adding custom scan objects.
[-] The contrast of the background image of the spider has been fixed.
[-] Fixed a problem in the option to turn off the computer after the scan.

Scanning Engine
[-] The problem with applying actions to some detected threats has been fixed.

Dwl General [ar, cn, de, es, et, fa, fr, it, ja, kk, lt, pl, pt, ru, tr, uk, zh]
[+] Updated interface texts.

Dr.Web Security Space, Anti-virus for Windows, Anti-virus for Windows servers setup
[+] An option "Allow third-party software for people with disabilities to manage Dr.Web settings" has been added to the installation window.
[-] Improved work with on-screen voice programs.
[-] Fixed setting focus in setup windows.

Dr.Web Firewall 05/12/02.04160
[+] Allow ICMPv6 by default.

Lua-script for traffic-hook
[+] Permission rules for ICMPv6 will be enabled by default in case of a new installation of the product from the distribution. To enable new rules in an already installed product, you need to reset the settings to default or manually enable in the settings of the packet filter.

drwbase 202006020
[-] Updated database of certificates and trusted applications.

Updating modules from 05.06.2020


[=] Fixed resizing of the menu and incorrect display of the subsection "Time limits" in some cases.

Dr.Web Shell Extension
[-] Explorer crash when trying to scan an object on Windows XP SP3 with a processor without support for SSE2 instructions has been fixed.