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Here's the a pre-holiday patch of 80.0.334.2 bringing Edge Dev. to 80.0.334.3

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UPDATE: We published 334.3 today to fix an issue where navigation on some websites was taking an extraordinarily long time for some users. We're also hoping to publish another small revision next week to fix a couple of known crashes.

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here is a question i have pixel phone use chrome of course but have edge browser also now that the new edge browser
to me feels faster then chrome will google allow the new edge browser to be used on android soon or will it probably
have to be stripped down so it does not overtake chrome usage share.
Edge on Android always used Chromium, it currently syncs with Edge Chromium (Desktop) as well.


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Dev channel update to 80.0.345.0 is live:


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What is M$'s situation on manifest v3 stuffs? Still silent?
I can't find anything recent but you may read below about M$'s view. If M$ wants Edge to have an edge on Chrome, they will implement their own changes to preserve extension ad blocking ability. Brave committed to this early this year, so of course MS could. These companies can decide which Chromium features to implement or not, no matter what. My opinion is that they have made some commitment to privacy concerns of their users, which they have shown by some recent developments. I am not worrying about this myself. I also encourage involvement on the Edge Insider Forum to make sure they hear us.

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from the Edge team @ MS - (I've added my own italics for emphasis)

"There are a couple components I want to touch on here - As mentioned elsewhere, we're still evaluating the adblock Manifest V3 changes, so we're not quite ready to commit to a statement one way or another on that issue.
More generally, we hear you that adblock is super important to having a good experience on the web. We're doing a couple of things now to start to address this:
  • First, we're a member of the Coalition for Better Ads. As part of that we plan to start enforcing these standards by blocking ads on sites which do not comply with CBA guidelines by default.
  • Second, we're committed to a strong extension ecosystem, including ad blocking. We're still evaluating some of the latest changes here in Chromium, but we're committed to the customer scenario as a principle. To be clear, we will not artificially restrict ad blocking for business reasons related to advertising.
  • Finally, we occasionally hear requests for a built in ad blocking experiences in Edge. For most users, we find that extensions (combined with strong defaults around tracking prevention) are the best option here because you can choose from a variety of experiences and defaults, but we absolutely want to hear from you if you think this should be built in."
- Kyle

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I know the Edge on Android is already based on chromium, but the Android version uses adblock as buildin adblocker ( not M$ internal based on Discinnect).

The only infi I can find on the new Edge chromium for Desktop is that there are no plans to port it to mobile. The new desktop Edge chromium is available for Windows and iOS. Since iOS is based on Linux (only with more security restrictions), it should not be to difficult to port the new Edge to Linux and Android too (Android is also based on Linux).

From mantainance perspective it is easier and cheaper to maintain one software code base, so it would make sense to publish an Android version which is based on the new (desktop) Edge chromium. For marketing purposes a Linux version would probably make sense to (cross platform compatibility and user experience).

So are there MT members active on Insider comnunity with som news or gossips relating to Android and Linux versions?

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I know, I'm patient, but not that patient, extension sync could have been made from the very start, but they didn't for some reasons.
I rather prefer they focus on functionalities than worrying about tabs being square or round...