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To support the Emsisoft Christmas Donations - We will end this giveaway on the 24th of December. If you have not yet joined this giveaway, now it's a very good time!

Good luck to all!
Emsisoft said:
Emsisoft donates 100% of Christmas sales income to local fundraiser

Here at Emsisoft, it goes without saying that our Christmas resolutions include to keep your digital life safe. We also wanted to do a little something different this year: wedecided to keep it simple and stay to the core of what the Christmas thought is about: do something good for people around you.

Since Emsisoft is a virtual company with employees located all around the world, that “around you” becomes a little tricky for the company. Emsisoft was born 11 years ago in Austria and the founder, Christian Mairoll, just moved from Austria to New Zealand with his family. With that move we feel that our “headquarters” moved as well. For that reason we decided to donate all our revenues made on December 25th, 2014 to support a local project that has a direct impact on the small community.

Help us to make this Christmas wish come true by placing your order on December 25th and tell your friends and family about it!

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