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Jun 25, 2019
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Level 43
cylance was infected 3 out of 3 times in the hub. :eek:
Hub isn't a good test for most products for a variety of reasons already rehashed. In Cylance case, as Burrito says, it's good for what it does but what it does isn't comprehensive and should be combined with something else.

I don't see why Cylance wouldn't be a good, lightweight combo with Syshardener, OSArmor/Voodoo along with Emsisoft Browser Extension for 99.99% of cases. At this price, I'd run with it regardless.


Level 18
Just my opinion: But I still have a few months left on a 5 user Cylance I found it a pain in the posterior, FP's, galore, difficult to control even if you fool it in to having a improved interface (which really should be an option as admin) & if it does decide to delete something you can't really stop the thing of easily you have to login, this usually happens while you are attempting to install/update a fully legitimate program, by then a program is irreparably damaged - it's really an enterprise product & is still on a couple of office PC's. As for the VPN, I've tried most & again in my opinion it's the worst VPN in the entire world without a doubt. Very early cave men used better VPN's, & it's borderline useless. :eek: I'm sure some love it though.